Dienstag, 6. Januar 2009

Squashing a skinny girl Photomontage

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This is my first publishing squashing montage and I will put some more soon, I have much works but they are private with friends of me. I don't publish them without premissions!

I also have squashing photos of privat girls, when I get premission then they will show up here. Also working on some real squashing sessions with friends, hope they want to show up here also I can anonymise there faces. That won't be a problem.

If someone have stuff too we could exchange our stuff.

Thanks to Stuffer31.com ! Your site is awesome!

best regardes

First entry

Here I want to make a blog where my inner fetish come to live.

I am a big fan of Squashing, especially BBW Squashing skinny girls. So, I think I want to blog about and present my Photomontages and some other Pictures or Movies I found on the Net. I hope I will pass to update regularly because I have so much to do beside beeing in the Net.

I hope also on any comments and welcome to comment my pics and have suggestions or self interpretation on this fetish.

The updates will be soon as possible

best regardes